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  1. Andy smith says:

    Hi Terry, nice site

  2. Sean says:

    These guys are great!!

  3. Karen Loehr says:

    Looking forward to your outstanding music on the 9th!

  4. John Schuster says:

    Great show last nite guys…great variety of tunes.
    thanks for the fun…

  5. John Davis says:

    Great music, these cats are sooo talented! Looking forward to the Park Street gig (and more)!

  6. Teresa Monaco says:

    A “GREAT” band, awesome musicians that have been in the Columbus scene for 35 years. These are stellar men professional musicians that have held their craft!! A must see.

  7. Sarah Terry says:

    Just finished a wonderful evening with the Blue Cats!! Amazingly smooth sounds and transitions from one instrument to the other. So smooth in fact that there wasn’t always time for applause for each performer, because the next player would smoothly begin their piece. All of the musicians were absolutely wonderful and a very tight group that I would enjoy hearing repeatedly. If you have the opportunity, give them a try!

  8. Roger Lehman says:

    Terry, It was great seeing you tonight after, what, 45 years. You guys sounded GREAT!

  9. Sandi says:

    So excited to see you on the summer schedule for the Muirfield Village Country Club patio entertainment! Looking forward to seeing you and hearing that smooth sound.

  10. Can’t wait for the next gig of these SMOOTH blues-playing wonder boys!! This Saturday the 7th should be a great time in Worthington!

  11. Angelo brodie says:

    Nice jazz

  12. Alfred Ponder says:

    Just listened to the Blue Cats performance at the Creekside Jazz & Blues festival in Gahanna. I truly enjoyed the smooth Jazz, they really blew me away. Can’t wait to hear them again soon.e

  13. Love you guys!! My favorite group around!! When are you going to be back at Roops??

    • thefinnman says:

      Thanks for your post. We have all played at Roop’s many times over the past years…even going back to the “Pooch” days. The last time we played there however, the bar clientele had changed. It seemed like more of a “rap” crowd. Let me know if you disagree.

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